Capriccio Continuo Auralea 309 Speakers Set-up

Some updates about our showroom. We have set up a pair of Capriccio Continuo Auralea 309 Speakers in our smaller listening room. There’s a review by Glen at about them if you’re interested. And for those interested in knowing more about this entire set-up, read on.

Smaller listening room set-up with Capriccio Continuo's Auralea 309

Acoustics: Acting as bass traps right behind the speakers are Vicoustic’s Wave Wood panels, which can also be used as a diffusion and absorption panel on walls. At the center of the wall are Vari Panels, which we used so we could tweak the absorption in the room if necessary. What you can’t see in this picture are the Cinema Rounds used to catch first reflections and a back wall of Poly Wood Fusers.

Left Rack: Shanling’s CD-T2000 CD Player, Calyx Audio’s 24/192 DAC, GigaWatt’s PC-3 SE EVO Power Conditioner

Right Rack: Scheu Analog’s Cello Turntable, Calyx Audio’s CLPS Linear Power Supply, Audio Exklusiv’s P 0.2 Phono Preamplifier, Audio Exklusiv P 12 Stereo-Hybrid Integrated Amplifier, GigaWatt’s PC-2 EVO Power Conditioner

The cables used are from Madison Audio Lab.

Shanling CD Player with CA Ceramic Cones XS

For those interested in tweaking their systems there are CA Electronics Ceramic Cones XS.