Flexi Wall

Vicoustic - Flexi Wall

Flexi Wall is a portable, modular acoustic treatment system which can transform your working space in a matter of minutes. Its flexible panels enable you set up a customized studio just about anywhere. The panels can also be used to change the acoustic properties of a room, allowing it to serve a variety of purposes.

Flexi Wall is highly absorbent in all frequency ranges. Its design is based on Vicoustic’s top selling Flexi Panels. This unique solution can be used in a range of environments such as recording rooms, vocal booths, video editing rooms, etc.
Vicoustic - Flexi Wall, for recording

Product Technical Information

Material: Acoustic Foam Panel (Flexi A50) + Stainless Stell and Wood Stand
Fire Rating: M1; ISO 375; FMVSS302
Colour: Charcoal Grey
Dimensions: Adaptable (60 x 63 cm ; 60 x 123cm ; 60 x 183cm)
Vicoustic - Flexi WallVicoustic - Flexi Wall, absorption vs frequencyVicoustic - Flexi Wall, components


For use in Practice Rooms, Broadcasting Rooms, Editing Suites etc. Used for creating portable Drum and Vocal Booths, Guitar and Bass Amplifier enclosures.


More Information

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