Musiko Tonearm

The Charisma Audio Musiko Tonearm is a medium mass tonearm. Unlike most uni-pivot tonearms, which use silicone to stabilize and damp the tonearm, the Musiko uses a ring magnet. It does not invite the mess of silicone fluid and has much better stability and control. Furthermore, the magnetic damping system is adjustable. It can accommodate most moving coil and moving magnet cartridges on the market. It does not come with a tonearm cable. Any tonearm cable with a standard female DIN connecter can be used. Internal wiring and male DIN plug are made by Cardas.

Design Features:

a) Ring magnet with 360 degrees of stabilization and damping.
b) Adjustable magnetic damping to suit cartridges with different compliances.
c) Use of a number of rubber rings to damp the resonance of the arm tube and the counterweight, without overdamping.
d) Arm tube with two sections and two different diameters for minimizing vibrations arising in different frequency ranges.
e) Very sharp pivot point for minimal contact and lowest friction.
f) Hex screw at the rear end of the arm tube for fine tracking force adjustment.


Bearing type: Uni-pivot
Total mass: 1100 g
Effective mass: ~12 g
Total length: 297 mm
Effective length: 237 mm
Mounting distance: 222 mm
Overhang: 15 mm
Offset angle: 21.6 degree
Cartridge weight: 5 g to 17 g