Musiko Tonearm Cable

Musiko Tonearm Cable

The Charisma Audio Musiko Tonearm cable has been designed and engineered to deliver high-quality, musical, natural sound from your tonearm.

It is double-shielded, with two layers of copper wire to maximize RF rejection and physical flexibility. The conductor is stranded bare high-purity copper wire. It can be terminated for single-ended or balanced applications.

Design Goal:

Transmitting a signal without loss
Transmitting a signal without interference
Transmitting a signal without changing its sonic character

Our cable easily meets the following criteria:

Capacity to transmit the complex spectrum of musical expression without shifts in emphasis or changes of character
Ability to keep timing, dynamics, and the delicate balance between fundamentals and harmonics intact
Allowing micro-information to pass through
Immunity to electrostatic and electromagnetic interference
Ideal electrical properties, correctly balancing capacitance, inductance and resistance
Internal damping of micro-vibrations
First-rate connectors to maintain performance