Founder Wilhelm Franz was born 1913 in Bremen. His professional path led him first to Berlin, where he was involved with measuring instrument development and sales. Afterwards he went to C. Lorenz AG who gave him the chance to collect a rich wealth of experience as deputy director/leader of their measuring laboratories.

In Berlin in 1940, aged only 27, he created his own company, “Electrical Measuring Technology William Franz KG”. Highly sensitive control and measuring instruments for communications and radio technology soon made the company a reputation. Short before end of WWII the company relocated to Dingelsdorf at the Bodensee and briefly later to Lahr in the Black Forest. At the end of the war EMT was disbanded, and it was not until the beginning of 1948 that the enterprise could be taken up gradually again.

From then began a period which led, in co-operation with a good many companies, e.g. STUDER, to a worldwide sales network and outstanding developments in the broadcast sector. The company’s most well-known products today are probably its cartridges, tonearms and turntables.

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