Multifuser Wood

Multifuser Wood 36

Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 36

Multifuser Wood 64

Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64

Made from solid wood, the new diffuser is perfect for use in venues such as concert halls, hi-fi rooms and recording studios, where effective diffusion is often required, without too much absorption occurring at the same time. With its striking angled surface, the two-dimensional diffuser is based on a QRD sequence combined with changing reflection techniques (a result of the angled surface).

The panel itself is made in two parts. Each part can be rotated in different directions so that a uniform, omni-directional scattering of sound is achieved, with particularly effective diffusion of mid and low frequencies. Multifuser Wood 36 works between 470Hz and 10kHz. Multifuser Wood 64 works between 310Hz and 8kHz. As well as its acoustic efficiency, the panel’s attractive appearance makes it suitable for use in a range of settings. Available in Light Brown, Black and White finishes.

Product Technical Information

Material: Wood
Color: Available in Black, White and Light Brown finishes
Installation: Fixing system included
Vicoustic - Multifuser Wood 36, absorption vs frequencyVicoustic - Multifuser Wood 64, absorption vs frequency


Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Auditoriums, Hi-Fi and Home Cinema

More Information

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