Charisma Audio

Over more than 45 years’ experience in audio, we have collected the solid ideas which inspire the design and manufacture of our accessories. Using premium materials, these not only look attractive but also show striking performance.

Our record stabilizer is made of stainless steel. Our speaker stands employ precision-machined and cast aluminum instead of ordinary steel.

Ultimate simplicity and purity form the foundation of our designs.

Our phono cartridges are priced reasonably but deliver stunning performance. They all have a semi-open body to avoid cavity resonances. Their sound is musical and natural, with proper balance from top to bottom. Very hard materials with excellent transmission speeds are used for the cantilevers; these include titanium alloy, sapphire and ruby. This reduces resonance in order to improve transparency, transients, imaging and focus.

We source the line contact stylus from Namiki Japan, the largest stylus supplier in the world.

Our tonearm is a medium-mass unipivot design with a ring magnet to stabilize and damp through 360 degrees of rotation. No silicone is needed. This adjustable magnetic damping system suits cartridges with different compliances.

Our phono cable transmits signal without loss, interference or changes in sonic characteristics. It is double-shielded, with two layers of copper wire to maximize RF rejection and physical flexibility.

Our phono stage is compact, neat and versatile. It accepts both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. Impedance and gain can be adjusted simply, by using the DIP switches located on the back panel of the chassis.


Phono Stage


Tonearm Cable