Cabriolet Speaker Stands

Charisma Audio Cabriolet Speaker Stands


The CABRIOLET speaker stand is a unique speaker stand from Charisma Audio. Our purpose in designing it was to create a speaker stand which was adjustable in height and dimension without sacrificing solidity and rigidity — and most of all, style.

A great speaker stand is more than just a mechanical support. It needs to be capable of optimizing the performance of the monitor speaker which sits on it, yielding a performance improvement that frankly has to be heard to be believed. This attractive stand is very different from common steel stands using single, dual, triple or even quadruple tubular or square pillars. Such popular stands all look similar and are designed for simple manufacturing. Their purpose is to suit buyers with different budgets but they tend to neglect appearance.

The three supporting posts as well as the extension posts are 1.5” diameter solid aluminum rods. The top plate is made of half-inch solid aluminum. The base plate is solid steel, for weight and rigidity. The supporting posts and top plate do not ring at all and do not have to be filled up with sand or lead shot. The base plate is heavy and dead to vibration. The height of the CABRIOLET is adjustable, from the standard 24” up to 26” and 28”, by adding extension posts. A larger size top plate is an available option, to accommodate bigger bookshelf speakers.

The CABRIOLETs demonstrate dramatically what it means to control resonant energy successfully. With their support, your speakers will play music with tangibility, immediacy and effortlessness. Music comes alive with crisp transients, unforced lively pace and rhythm, a soundstage both wide and deep, a wealth of ambient hall information, a natural bloom in the high frequencies, and tight, well-controlled bass.