GigaWatt was founded in 2007 by Adam Schubert – an electronics
engineer and audio lover.The combination of passion and many years of experience in consulting on power devices was used to design novel concepts, create new
projects and find unique technological solutions. Most materials and
components used in the company’s products are made by the company or
according to proprietary specifications. GigaWatt has quickly gained a
reputation for exquisitely made products, best-quality components and
competitive pricing. However the products of the brand are mostly
admired for their spectacular influence on the sound and picture
reproduced by devices powered by them, while at the same time they protect
the audio-video devices from noise and surges.

The extensive offering of the company is aimed at the most demanding
users of audio and video systems, both in the HI-END and HI-FI
segments. The products of GigaWatt are appreciated not only in the
home country, where they already have a well-established position, but
also internationally, especially in Europe and Far East. The dynamic
growth of the company is also reflected in its presence at international
and domestic shows and fairs.