In-Wall Cable LC-Y 3×4

GigaWatt In-Wall Cable LC-Y 3x4

Outstanding Features

The GigaWatt LC-Y is a special, shielded installation cable, dedicated to power audio and video systems, which are prone to interference. The wires of the cable are made from three solid-core, high purity electrolytyc copper conductors, with a cross-section of 4mm2 each. The isolator is made from polyethylene. The conductors are twisted together and shielded with aluminum foil, which connects to a copper shield wire, with 1.5mm2 cross-section, on its full lenght. In addition, the conductors and shield, are placed in the material, that damps unwanted vibration. The complete cable is covered with a coat from self-extinguishing PVC, which is very resistant to mechanical damage.


  • Nominal operating voltage: 300 V 
  • Working temperature range: -40oC do +70o
  • External diameter: 13,5 mm
  • Weight (1m): ok. 0,2 kg
  • Available lenghts: sold in meter lengths