By Brand

Audio Exklusiv

Designed and hand made in Germany. Manufacturer of high end tube, hybrid and solid state electronics, turntable, CD player, electrostatic speakers and accessories.

Audio Space

Multiple award-winning tube electronics manufacturer based in Hong Kong. Has been in business for more than 20 years.

Calyx Audio

Forefront of digital audio products from South Korea. High definition, high-resolution digital to analog converters as well as Class D amplifiers.

CA Electronics

CA Electronics is a award winning Dutch company, which unites the latest in innovative technology with precise, hand-crafted quality.

Capriccio Continuo (ATD)

Italian-based first rate speaker manufacturer. Merges musical instrument design, artisan craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies.

Charisma Audio

This is our house brand. Form-follows-function designs of audio accessories with great style and functionality.

Codia Acoustic Design

South Korean manufacturer of hi-fi accessories. Great sounding audio racks and hand-made headphone stands.


Manufacturer of analog front end products for over 70 years. Keeps on refining with the latest designs, materials and technologies. Still an industry leader.


A dynamically expanding manufacturer specialized in making uncompromising power line accessories in Poland. Devices from GigaWatt are among the best in the world, both in terms of effectiveness and manufacturing quality.

Hannl Vinyl Care

Hannl Vinyl Care

Hannl Vinyl Care record cleaning machines and cleaning fluids are a must for vinyl lovers. They are hand-built in Germany and are among the best in reliability and performance, especially with their rotary brush, which can dig the dirt out from the bottom of the grooves.

Madison Audio Lab

Latest cables designed by Matthew Bond, employing high purity Oxygen-Free Extended Single Crystal 8N copper and Star Ground technology.


Perfect Sound

Fast growing headphones and in-ear phones manufacturer in Taiwan. Their designs are contemporary and innovative with stunning looks and performance.

Scheu Analog

German company specialized in uni-pivot tonearms and turntables with inverted bearing. Contemporary designs with style and taste.


One of the best high end audio manufacturers in China, with innovative thinking and premiere workmanship. Products include CD players and amplifiers.


Designer and supplier of innovative architectural acoustic products, based in Portugal. You can experience concert-quality sound in your own home, along with lifestyle looks.

Well Tempered Lab

Well Tempered Lab is the brainchild of William Firebaugh, renowned designer of turntables and tonearms. His concepts are unique and simple with thinking “outside the box”.

In addition to the brands we distribute, we are also authorized dealers for the following brands:

  • Benz Micro
  • Cardas
  • Clearaudio
  • Dynavector
  • EMT (authorized Ontario dealer)
  • Graham Engineering
  • Reed
  • Triplanar