Charisma Audio is a Canadian distributor responsible for the distribution of several brands of high fidelity audio equipment.Feel free to contact us to locate a local dealer.

We’ve sourced products around the globe that bring incredible performance at a reasonable cost.Our dealers are passionate and committed to achieving excellence in the reproduction of music. You can rely on their extensive knowledge and experience to help you discover and meet your needs.To find out more about our range of products, please explore our website and feel free to send us inquiries.


We will be exhibiting at the upcoming Toronto Audio Fest 2023 in Room 363.

We are excited to demonstrate the new Kinki Studio CHoco EMEI solid state integrated amplifier, Audio Space NOVA M34 MKII tube mono power amplifiers and a pair of prototype two way bookshelf speakers named Caprisse under our own brand, Charisma Audio.

The Caprisse is designed by the famous Italian drivers and speakers designer Joseph Szall. It employs a SB Acoustics tweeter and an ATD AGTi mid/bass driver.




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