CA Electronics

We finally found a line of attractive and effective accessories. CA Electronics is a Dutch-based manufacturer of high end audio.

CA Electronics is an award-winning company which unites the latest innovative technology with precise hand-crafted quality. It has its own high-end workshop. Craftsmanship is coupled with the most current computer-controlled machinery and computer-aided modeling. Since they want to use every possible opportunity to enhance their products and guarantee the level of quality they desire, outsourcing is not under consideration. Every design has been tested and tweaked countless times. During production, every single product passes through their very own hands. This way, they can make absolutely sure that everything meets their standards.

Another advantage of in-house production is that they can keep it as environmentally-friendly as possible. Consequently CA Electronics is one of the very few manufacturers whose speakers are entirely made out of FSC wood. CA-Electronics uses glue without aggressive solvents, and painting is done according to strict environmentally-sound policy.