Capriccio Continuo (ATD)

ATD (Audio Transducer Design) was founded in Italy in 1981 with the aim of manufacturing high-end drive units. Some of the best high-end brands are now using ATD drivers.

ATD developed a series of bespoke technologies; “Hypergraph K” & “Ariacell Gti cones”, “Transfert 0″ crossovers and AST (Aero Striction Tweeters).

Capriccio Continuo was introduced roughly 10 years later building cost-no-object speaker systems.

The Capriccio Continuo name comes from two musical terms: Capriccio and Continuo. Capriccio is a short, fast and enjoyable musical piece which brings joy through music. It is the essence of their goal. Continuo in musical term means “continuous”, a recall of the evolutional and non-obsolescent nature of the designs.

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