We have sourced our favourite products from around the world. There’s quite a selection so here is a quick summary. You can always contact us if you have questions or in need of some suggestions.

We are huge fans of analog. Currently we carry Well Tempered Labs‘ turntables with their signature golf ball tonearm, and gorgeous turntables from German companies’ Scheu Analog, and Audio Exklusiv.

On the digital side of things, we love what Calyx from South Korea has to offer. From their award-winning Femto DAC to their adorable and portable Coffee USB DAC, there is something for every budget. Looking for a CD Player? Then we recommend Shanling‘s line of CD players.

On the amplifier end, we have quite the selection from Audio Exklusiv, Audio Space, Calyx, and Shanling, that covers everything from phonostages to preamplifiers to integrated amplifers to power amplifers to music centers to headphone amplifiers.

We have wonderful speakers from Italy’s Capriccio Continuo (ATD), offering a product line with monitor speakers, bass modules, and a full range speaker. Panel fans? Check out Audio Exklusiv’s P3.1 full range electrostatics.

For the headphone listening crowd, while we don’t have headphones, we do have a selection of headphone amplifiers, DACs, and this one headphone stand.

If you’re looking for cables, we highly recommend Madison Audio Lab.

For power conditioning, we carry a well designed line of power conditioners, power cords, and power bars from Polish company GigaWatt.

We have a lot of accessories to choose from to tweak your system. Audio Exklusiv has a line of accessories including the popular Silent Plugs.

In addition to the brands we distribute, we are also authorized dealers for the following brands:

  • Benz Micro
  • Cardas
  • Clearaudio
  • Dynavector
  • EMT (authorized Ontario dealer)
  • Graham Engineering
  • Reed
  • Triplanar
  • TW-Acustic