Cantus Tonearm

Scheu Analog - Cantus Tonearm

Outstanding Features

This is a tone arm with a unipivot bearing in which the arm piece is not actually a wand but is made up of a mechanical framework. This reduces the ubiquitous resonances to an absolute minimum, creating an unbelievably energetic but still ‘relaxed’ sound.

The counterweight is made of tungsten and allows the tracking weight to be adjusted very easily and reliably. The suspended-counterweight design and the breadth of the frame around the bearing make for perfect balancing of the horizontal tracking angle without the need for complex adjustment.

The Cantus is available in two versions: a 9-inch version with an effective length of 229 mm (pivot-to-spindle distance 210.4 mm) and a 12-inch model with an effective length of 306 mm (pivot-to-spindle distance 292.3 mm)