Tacco Mk II Tonearm

Scheu Analog - Tacco MK II Tonearm

Outstanding Features

The Scheu Tacco MK II is our top model, with a conical wooden tone arm wand made of either thuja cedar or amboina pine (or others on request). While carefully maintaining all the familiar geometric parameters, the development effort also concentrated on a fastidious choice of materials. Thus the actual bearing/counterweight unit is made of tungsten, which makes it possible to concentrate all the moving mass into a compact space and also permits the effective suppression of resonance inside the bearing unit because of the high density of the metal. The actual wand of the tone arm is manufactured as a compound unit made up of wood, aluminum and carbon fibre.

This method of construction means that all kinds of stored energy can be eliminated quickly and effectively.

The Tacco tone arm has a unipivot bearing. The tip of the bearing is a ruby sphere at the end of a hard metal rod. The bearing recess is set into the bearing block and is made of a leuko- (white) sapphire. This arrangement produces extremely low internal friction and yet, because the contact surface is well-defined, any shifting of the bearing point is prevented. The Tacco MK II is currently available in a 9-inch version. The effective length is 238 mm with an effective mass in the range from 14 to 16 grams, depending on the wood used. The Tacco is characterized by its very clear and well-contoured sound reproduction with highly pure bass and an outstandingly fine reproduction of treble. Voices are reproduced in extremely natural fashion.