Solid Record Stabilizer

Charsima Audio - Solid Record Stabilizer


Outstanding Features

The SOLID record stabilizer is the second product from Charisma Audio. It is made of precision machined stainless steel.

Stainless steel has the following advantages:
1) Rugged, dense and heavy
2) Non-magnetic
3) Durable and keeps its shine

1) Dampens resonance of LP and platter
2) Improves stylus control
3) Prevents slipping
4) Increases mass of rotating system to reduce flutter
5) Better coupling between LP and platter

1) Lower distortion and sonic coloration
2) Deeper and wider soundstage
3) More natural harmonics
4) Sharper image and focus
5) Better transients, dynamics and attack
6) Quieter background
7) Lower noise floor
8) Increase in transparency and detail
9) Tighter bass

Height: 1-2/16″
Base diameter: 2-11/16″
Weight: 940g