Square Tile

Vicoustic - Square TileVicoustic - Square Tile, side view

Square Tile is primally designed to absorb medium and high frequencies. Sound energy crosses through the perforated wooden surface and is absorbed by the foam material underneath. Wood finishing is generally regarded as a noble surface treatment in architectural spaces, critical listening rooms and performance spaces such as concert halls and other venues. Square Tile can fit in standard 60 x 60 cm suspended ceiling frames.


  • Absorbs high and medium frequencies
  • Can be used in suspending ceiling frames
  • 6 units per box
  • Available in 5 different finishes

Vicoustic - Square Tile, all finishes

Product Technical Information

Material: Vicoustic Foam
Fire Rating: M1/EURO Class B
Installation: Vicoustic’s Flexi Glue
Vicoustic - Square Tile, absorption vs frequency


Performance Spaces, Public Spaces, Restaurants, Offices, Classrooms, etc.

More Information

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