Stage 1000 Audio Rack

Codia "Stage" Audio Rack


Codia Acoustic Design’s Stage 1000 is a wooden audio rack designed to reduce the effects of resonant frequencies with diagonal slits of varying lengths and solid posts.

Design Features:

  • Baltic wood is a great shelving material. Besides its strength and hardness, the multi-layer plywood has different densities to absorb vibration at different frequencies.
  • Openings in different lengths can even out vibrations at different frequencies, similar to how acoustic diffusers work.
  • Solid aluminium posts eliminate more ringing compared to hollow posts.
  • Teflon washers transfers vibrations faster than soft washers.
  • Washers also act as a decoupling media between wood and metal.
  • Metal spikes efficiently transfer vibration energy to the ground.
  • Spike discs help dissipate vibration energy radially in all 360 degrees.


Standard single rack, as seen in the first picture

  • Shelf panel thickness: 30 mm
  • Shelf panel size: 630 x 480 mm (width x depth)
  • Internal dimensions: 510 x 370 mm (width x depth)
  • Column diameter: 30 mm
  • Column lengths: 180, 240, or 300 mm
  • Up to 4 shelves
  • Loading capacity per shelf: 80 kg


  • Double width & triple width racks are available