CA Base Damping Plate

CA Base Damping Plate

The CA-Electronics Base is a cost effective damping and shielding device. Placing your audio and video equipment and even speakers on a CA Base will vastly improve the overall performance of your sound system.

The CA Electronics Base is made of selected wood and encapsulates a massive sheet of material that will shield your equipment from RFI. At the same time the CA Base provides a very effective damping of vibrations in a very broad range of frequencies.

The Ca Base was a top-down development of the original CA Plate and the CA Diamond 1, but still has excellent shielding and damping capabilities. When more than one CA Base is used, for example above and below each component, the effect is even larger, as each appliance will be shielded from RFI both from other components and the air.

The CA Base is hand-crafted in our workshop, to make certain we deliver the quality you expect from us. This means we can adapt the size and colour of each plate to your personal needs and taste.


Width: 500 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 40 mm
Weight: 4,75 kg