RIAA Phono Stage

Well Tempered Lab RIAA Phono Stage

Well Tempered Lab is all about bringing high end analogue performance to the masses. The RIAA Phono Stage is gusty little box finished in the same style as the DPS power supply for the Well Tempered range of turntables, but is about half the size. It runs off 12V DC and is specially designed for moving magnets or high output MC cartridges.

What makes the Well Tempered phono stage so special is the sound – it’s wonderfully solid and warm presentation backed by real power and drive. This value for money phono stage gives a full scale analogue performance from even modest cartridges.


Harmonic Distortion (For 2V RMS Output): 0.001%
Input Impedance: 47K ohms (MM)
Input Gain: 40dB (MM)
Output: 1 group RCA
Input: 1 group RCA
Grounding: Screw terminal
Signal/Noise: 90dB
Consumption: 4W
Weight: 4kg (Shipping)