Amadeus Junior Turntable System

Well Tempered Lab Amadeus Junior Turntable


Amadeus Jr: Rebirth of a classic. The Amadeus was out first and original design that featured the now quite famous and innovative “golf ball” tone arm. The Amadeus jr. now features a multilayer plywood plinth finished in Black and can be ordered with either our famous 10.5” golf ball tonearm or our recently developed Symmetrex tonearm.

Outstanding Features

  • “Zero Clearance” platter bearing
  • Servo controlled motor with vibration controlled mounting
  • 0.004” polyester thread belt
  • Fully damped 10.5” tonearm suspended in silicone fluid for optimum variable damping
  • Easy azimuth adjustment
  • Fixed headshell with no fussy setup
  • Isolation feet included
  • Acrylic platter
  • Single layer Baltic plywood plinth finished in Black