Simplex Turntable System

Well Tempered Lab - Simplex Turntable System

Outstanding Features

  • Single layer 30mm MDF plinth
  • Fully adjustable low mass highly damped tonearm. The tonearm is also internally damped to control resonance within the tonearm tube.
  • Elimination of all tonearm bearings.
  • Rotational stability of the platter in a unique triangular bearing with “Zero Clearance”.
  • Vanishingly low wow and flutter in fact amongst the best we have ever measured.
  • “Belt for Life” of 0.004″ polyester filament.
  • DC drive motor with torque servo and isolation from the plinth.
  • Tonearm tube is directly coupled to the Golf ball.
  • On/Off switch is placed at the rear of the plinth.
  • Audio and Motor control electronics are completely separated.
  • Direct coupling to the plinth of our much loved squashball isolation feet.
  • Well Tempered Lab – new music from your records