PCD 1 Power Conditioner

Audio Exklusiv Power Line Conditioner

With the Power Conditioner PCD 1 we turn away from traditional filter networks. Very often these don’t do what they are supposed to do, that is, improve sound throughout the system. Instead, they often only work correctly when designed for, and used with, a particular device. Also, modifying them generally leads to sound degradation: reduced dynamics, tone and speed changes, and so on.

The PCD 1 fits in everywhere, and in every application it shows its considerable performance. Not only is power supply contamination diminished, but interference from electromagnetic radiation (“electronic smog”) is notably reduced as well, thanks to ci2p technology by Creaktive/Gabriel Tech.

The result is clear: better dynamics, the finest detail, a more defined soundstage, clearer instrumental timbres and an improved presentation of space.

Everything gets more transparent and pure. Roughness caused by electronic smog and mains contamination disappears.

Two applications of the PCD 1 are possible. It can be used with one single device, or it can be applied to the whole system. The first alternative will be more effective, and different combinations can be set up.