d.C.d. Base

Audio Exklusiv d.C.d. Base

Outstanding Features

d.C.d. means “de Coupling damping”. It refers here to a combination of decoupling and damping technologies in a single base, which helps to damp resonances as well as decoupling the product from the support. This is done without displacing resonances into acoustically more agreeable regions, or any reduction in dynamics. (Loss of dynamics is the result of nearly all damping measures.)

The base consists of two MDF-elements. The upper part is combined with a special damping material in order to present a best possible audible underlay. Between the two MDF-elements there is a special complex mesh which works to decouple the unit ideally from the support.

The results: sound becomes cleaner, more structured and transparent, distortion and impurities are considerably reduced, dynamics (both macro and especially microdynamics) are improved and the sonic image is completely freed from the speaker enclosures.