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Well Tempered Lab MKII

Well Tempered Lab MKII Turntables

Well Tempered Lab recently introduced their MKII turntables, which we will have in stock soon. Totally Wired from New Zealand has done such a wonderful job describing the changes from the previous models. So, we’re just going to give you the link to their post right here.

Montreal Hi-Fi Show, Salon Son & Image 2013

We will be updating this page during the show with links to the equipment we brought to the show. If we’ve missed anything that you’re interested in, feel free to email us.

Main System

System at Montreal Hi-Fi Show, Salon Son & Image,, 2013

Top Shelf (left to right)

Second Shelf

Third Shelf

Bottom Shelf


On Display

Vicoustic Panels + Calyx Audio Coffee DAC & headphone amp + CA Electronics HS-1 Headphone Stand

Scheu Analog Cello Turntable with Scheu Analog Cantus Tonearm + Audio Space V-12 MC cartridge

Madison Audio Lab Cables

Multifuser DC2 white, black, grey & painted

A Little More About Multifuser DC2

Multifuser DC2 is a diffusion panel made of quality expanded polystyrene, and comes in three colours black, grey, white. It can also be painted, as long as it is a water-based paint that will not react with the polystyrene and dissolve it. So, we decided to give painting a try before recommending it. Read more